PYROsmart® Mobile

Mobile and self-sufficient monitoring unit consisting of the VIMTEC MBE 1500 and an integrated PYROsmart® infrared system  
  • Optimized trailer for the mobile use
  • Permanent and systematic infrared detection: with PYROsmart equipment, basic, SectioScan, PanoScan possible
  • self-sufficient power supply for 120 days
  • Integrated pneumatic telescopic mast with quick-change mast head for installation of the monitoring system
  • High sabotage and manipulation security
  • VPN remote access and integrated IT and network technology
  • Crane eyes integrated
  • Easy and quick setup

What is PYROsmart®

The infrared detector PYROsmart® allowes early detection of fire in numerous waste management companies. Application areas: garbage bins, input warehouses, EBS warehouses and large outdoor storage areas and much more.

Early fire detection in real-time,

PYROsmart® - is an infrared camera unit specially developed for non-contact temperature monitoring. Its application is particularly advantageous where conventional fire detection systems such as smoke detectors, smoke extraction systems and thermodifferential cables will detected possible fires too late or not at all. Planning and installation of the system can be carried out according to VdS guideline 3189.

Alarming and automatic extinguishing:

For the direct fire suppression, a special software can also take over the automatic control of an extinguisher (extinguishing monitor) and avoid major damage until the arrival of the fire department. Our partner for automatic fire fighting equipment in stationary fire protection is Rosenbauer:

The manufacturer

ORGLMEISTER Infrared Systems is specialized in the development and implementation of fire detection systems as a specialist in infrared thermography. The proprietary development PYROsmart® has a lot of tested details as well as proprietary features as a special indicator for early detection of fire.