The company FAST Protect is a pioneer in the field of digital security and surveillance technologies and is revolutionizing the way organizations and governments protect people, property and assets. The VIMTEC MBE 1500, combined with the FAST Protect TERRA 4D software management platform, provides an advanced solution for video surveillance, motion detection, and increased situational awareness through a 3D GIS-based user interface to monitor all possible locations and events. The control center can react to reported incidents by, for example, directly addressing the respective operational forces directly via secure communication via TETRA or loudspeakers and, if necessary, taking further measures. The integrated TERRA 4D management software provides solutions that significantly speed up response speed and improve efficiency in critical operations, e.g. Address search in the live video stream, multi-camera tracking, time-synchronized video recording, latency-free control of the PTZ cameras and automated workflows.