Mobile safety and emergency technology

  • Real-time monitoring e.g. police operations
  • Live monitoring of events
  • traffic monitoring
  • Mobile video surveillance
  • Mobile building security
  • Solution for intelligent fire detection
  • Perimeter protection

Die VIMTEC MBE 1500 - The Setup

The basic structure of the VIMTEC MBE 1500 consists of a specially designed body with internal hydraulic support. The box body and the roof section thereby form a closed, tamper-proofed unit with a sophisticated security system for its own protection. The MBE is designed for mobile use. It can easily be transported by car to the desired location. It can be set up in a few steps even by people with limited technical skills in just a few minutes. The specific commissioning of the detection and evaluation technique can be carried out by the control center. The heart of the VIMTEC MBE is the pneumatic telescopic mast, which can be integrated depending on the option with a height of 6 to 10 m. The mast head is equipped with a quick-change system and offers space for surveillance technology and lighting. The power supply is provided by a hybrid system consisting of a diesel generator and battery storage. The diesel generator feeds a battery system and at the same time supplies all consumers. If the batteries are fully charged, they will take over the entire supply and the diesel generator will be switched off automatically. If the capacity of the batteries is exhausted, the diesel generator automatically switches itself on again. With a fuel tank holding 200 liters of diesel, the VIMTEC MBE 1500 can easily run for up to 120 days in hybrid mode even in remote areas. Bypass operation in the presence of an external power supply is also possible. In this case, the power generator and the battery system take over the emergency operation.

Advantages of mobile video surveillance

The VIMTEC MBE 1500 is an innovative solution for the mobile and self-sufficient border control and surveillance. Other application include the surveillance and documentation of police operations, construction sites, events, and much more. The VIMTEC MBE 1500 is suitable for short and long term surveillance of diverse and varying fields of usage and locations without the possibility of permanent installations of surveillance equipment. The mobile monitoring systems of VIMTEC can monitor various locations and areas by means of video technology and motion detection and transmit events for verification to an ECC (emergency and service control center) of a security company. The ECC can respond to incidents reported by the MBE 500 by addressing individuals directly through loudspeakers and if necessary taking further action. All video images will be saved on spot as a permanent or event-controlled recording. The MBE contains a sophisticated security system for its own protection. Breaking, theft or vandalism can be detected and reported reliably. Thanks to the integrated hybrid system, installation is possible without any external power supply. With the diesel storage capacity of 200 l, 120-day operation is possible in hybrid mode. A power conservation time of up to 7 days can be ensured if the power supply fails. The replaceable mast head with optional IR lighting, perimeter protection, thermal imaging, or 360 ° monitoring also provides a wide range of applications in video surveillance and motion detection. By individual adjustment of the equipment such as verbal address, the VIMTEC MBE 1500 can meet almost every customer requirement. It is also possible to integrate the user's own video recording and management systems. The user experiences major time savings through the mobility, easy usage, and fast setup of the MBE. This presents a critical advantage over permanent installments.