Secu­ri­ty in Essen and FLO­RI­AN 2016 in Dres­den with a new partner
September 23. 2016
VIMTEC auf dem Fest der Polizei im deutschen Eck
VIMTEC at the police gala in Koblenz
November 17. 2016

VIMTEC cre­at­ed the MBE 500 TA. A new solu­tion for secu­ri­ty providers, who want to extend their range of ser­vices by mobile surveillance



The MBE 500 is small­er, lighter, and more cost-effec­tive than the VIMTEC MBE 1500, and is designed for basic out­door mon­i­tor­ing tasks.

The unit can oper­ate up to 6 days autonomous­ly with­out reload­ing. An option­al on-board fuel cell sys­tem allows oper­a­tion of up to 60 days. The MBE 500 TA has the same high stan­dards as the big­ger MBE 1500 regard­ing high qual­i­ty com­po­nents, mobil­i­ty, easy oper­a­tion, and tam­per security.

After set­ting up the MBE 500 at the desired loca­tion video cam­eras will detect poten­tial inci­dents, and the Hei­t­el video record­ing and trans­mis­sion sys­tem sends the data to the con­trol cen­ter for verification.

The VIMTEC MBE 500 can be set up in a few steps even by peo­ple with lim­it­ed tech­ni­cal skills in just a few min­utes. Once it has been placed in posi­tion the four crank sup­ports are extend­ed. The MBE 500 has a 6 m long pneu­mat­ic tele­scop­ic mast for sur­veil­lance. Once the mast has been extend­ed to the desired height, the video man­age­ment sys­tem is acti­vat­ed. A phone call is made to the con­trol cen­ter to check that it’s pick­ing up the sig­nals from the MBE 500.

The mon­i­tor­ing cov­ers a vari­ety of per­spec­tives depend­ing on the com­po­nents of the mast head. The con­trol cen­ter can respond to inci­dents report­ed by the MBE 500 by address­ing indi­vid­u­als direct­ly through loud­speak­ers and if nec­es­sary tak­ing fur­ther action. All video images will be saved on spot as a per­ma­nent or event-con­trolled record­ing. The MBE con­tains a sophis­ti­cat­ed secu­ri­ty sys­tem for its own pro­tec­tion. Break­ing, theft or van­dal­ism can be detect­ed and report­ed reliably.



Com­par­i­son of MBE 500 TA and MBE 1500:

weight 1100 t 2500 t
mast height 6 m  6 – 10 m
crane eye­lets not avail­abel avail­able
mobil­i­ty sin­gle-axle trailer two-axle trail­er
required dri­ving license BE BE
exten­sion of the mast pneu­mat­ic pneu­mat­ic
sup­ports exter­nal crank supports, inter­nal hydraulic support.
pow­er supply part­ly inde­pen­dent pow­er sup­ply for up to 6 days with­out recharg­ing, option­al fuel cell sys­tem  (approx. 60 days, with propane gas), bypass operation self-suf­fi­cient  for up to 120 days, hybrid sys­tem with bat­ter­ies and diesel gen­er­a­tor,  bypass operation
video record­ing and transmission avail­able avail­able
loud speak­ers avail­able avail­able
pro­gram­ma­ble log­ic con­troller (PLC) Not  avail­able avail­able
tem­per­a­ture detection Not avail­able avail­able
mast­head design defined mast­head packages indi­vid­ual design
tam­per protection no free wires, cables, pipes, inte­grat­ed alarm system no free wires, cables, pipes, inte­grat­ed alarm system
set­up time ca. 15 minutes ca. 5 minutes